Poor Rich Kids

Lifestyle #1: Stay at Home

Posted in Lifestyle Advice by thepoors on February 6, 2009


So all your jobby friends are going out to La Esquina or Momofuku or Al Di La and you know they’re going to wind up “splitting the bill” because that’s what working bees do and even if you only get one antipasta and a beer you’re gonna be in for $50. There is a simple solution: stay at home.

Tell your friends you’re on a date with a “Mystery Girl/Boy” or studying for the LSAT or working on a huge graphic design project or busy doing something in Brooklyn that’s cooler than what they’re doing. This way you don’t spend any money and they’re not even insulted and will still invite you to their country houses this summer!


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  1. […] or Chicago or Portland. You hop on a plane and then sit around your friend’s place for a week doing nothing. You commiserate about life. If you’re feeling ambitious, you might go to a museum. Then you […]

  2. […] Lifestyle #9: How to Talk About the Recession Posted in Lifestyle Advice by thepoors on March 24th, 2009 These days, what with the RECESSION and all, all anyone ever talks about is the RECESSION. At first you might think this puts you in a bit of an awkward spot: you don’t really know anything about the RECESSION, except that it loosely involved some d-bags you met at a bar in Midtown East a couple of years ago. Just how are you supposed to relate to your jobby friends’ suffering? But really, this is fantastic news. You now have the PERFECT EXCUSE to stay at home. […]

  3. […] what with the RECESSION and all, even jobbies are throwing cheap-o parties! Instead of the typical let’s-go-to-a-fancy-restaurant-and-then- split-the-bill-and-make-you-pay-$80- even-though-you-didn…, they’re going to “dive bars” and buying “cheap beer.” Here are some REAL-LIFE INVITES to […]

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