Poor Rich Kids

Lifestyle #4: Going to the Movies

Posted in dating, Lifestyle Advice by thepoors on February 17, 2009

dsc_4861x300So everyone is talking about the movies. We like movies too, but as brokesters, there is only so much Megavideo and Hulu we can do. OVGuide is great, but you’re never going to understand the Oscars without a real-live trip to the theaters.

Here’s one trick we like a lot: GOING TO THE MULTIPLEX. This exercise takes a little bit of research and planning, but like any good investment, it pays off handsomely.

First, timing is everything. Going to the theater during the fall season of lingering summer duds and KATE HUDSON MOVIES is a total waste of time, let alone money. This trick works best when there are tons of great movies out, like during the HOLIDAYS or the week of the Golden Globes. Once the day is selected – and really, just about any day will do, because you’re probably just staying at home – timing is everything. AVOID THE WEEKEND, when theaters occasionally sell out. Choose a theater that has tons of showings. Go early in the day and buy a ticket for the first showing.


A quick jump into the Duane Reade nearby for some cost-effective snacks and you’ve just bought yourself a whole seasons worth of movie magic (estimated retail value: $140) for FIFTEEN DOLLARS.

TRICK OF THE TRADE. Bring a coat and hat and take them on and off throughout the day in different combos to avoid being spotted. That said, these underpaid $6.75/hr multiplex mallcops are on our side and don’t give a shit. Multiplexing works best alone, but if you need to bring a friend, make sure he/she is inconspicuous.

This can even work for a date who may or may not be “charmed” by your crazy multiplex hijinxes. She can see He’s Just Not That Into You while you watch Valkyrie and you can meet up later in Theater 17 for that romantic comedy that will help you get your groove on! And then you can take the subway home and argue about David Denby’s shit-ass movie review that you read in your friend’s New Yorker.


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