Poor Rich Kids

Dear Unemployed Friend, part deux

Posted in Letters from an Employed Friend by laurbelle2 on February 27, 2009

Dear Unemployed Friend,

How’s it going? How was the matinee screening of “Two Lovers” yesterday? Or did you just download it? Seeing that you have a bit more free time on your hands these days, I thought that maybe you could swing by my office and give me that $35 you owe me? Remember? From that dinner at Al di La last month when the 6 of us went out and you “forgot” to bring your wallet? Thanks. Also, can I have my balsamic vinegar back? You “borrowed” it last week when we cooked dinner at your house, and I’ve run out of ways to politely imply that I need it back. It was $12 at Citarella. I bought it for this amazing citrus salad that I first had in East Hampton last summer. Too bad you couldn’t make it out that weekend–the Jitney was all sold out! You really must book earlier this year–since you now have unlimited access to the internet, that really shouldn’t be a problem again.Oh, and one last thing–can you PLEASE stop stealing my New Yorkers??!

Thanks a mil.

Yours truly,




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  1. Sara said, on March 5, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    dear laura’s unemployed friend,

    if you downloaded two lovers for free i’m gonna be pissed because i work for the company that distributed it and i’m a poor hard working poor kid.



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