Poor Rich Kids

News Roundup #3: Honey I Shrunk the POOR RICH ADULT

Posted in In the News by thepoors on March 25, 2009

25kim_6002In today’s New York Times, food writer Kim Severson brings us the latest in Poor Rich Adult technology–Dining well for less on PORK TACOS. What? A pork shoulder is only $1.60/LB? Who knew? Calling to mind the puritan chastity and frugality on which our great nation was founded, Severson manages to feed six people on a measly $50. In these times of trouble (its the recession, stupid) I’m so glad the NYT has the sort of grace and perspective blah blah. FUCK YOU. You can feed someone for $8.50? All you had to do was spend a little more than the cost of a gourmet sandwich? per person? times six? Also, lets account for all the test recipes and prep, lets account for pantries full of super expensive food writerly ingredients,  lets account for the fact that you could have taken everyone out for mexican on that budget. With these kind of economic advisers, who needs fund managers?


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